Friday, July 15, 2005


Abbreviations, a shortened form of a written word or phrase used in place of the whole. It began to proliferate in the 19th century and have been prevalent since; they are employed to reduce the time required for writing or speaking (...a big word for small mouthfulls). An abbreviation can now easily become a word, either as an initialism in which the letters are pronounced individually (e.g., TV or FBI) or as an acronym in which the letters are combined into syllables (e.g., scuba, laser, or NAFTA).

In casual converstions, DH stands for Dear Husband, Hubby. A lot of people use these abbreviations now like LOL for laugh out loud. Here's a few listed that I am aware of. Some are used on message boards and some while chatting online.

DW= dear wife
DD= dear daughter
DS= dear son
SIL= sister-in-law
BIL= bro-in-law
BRB = be right back
WB = welcome back
TY= thank you
TYVM = thank you very much
YW = you're welcome

There are more, I just cant think of them right now. Please add any that you might know.

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